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Hot Trends Steaming Up Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling Trends Steaming Up Your Bathroom

If you’re going to bother at all with a bathroom remodeling project, it’s critical that you keep current with the latest trends for both style and advancement in technology for appliances. What’s the point of taking on a project but installing elements that are already outdated?

Yet, each year homeowners make that very mistake and pay a lot of hard-earned money for renovations that are obsolete. You also don’t have to make decisions that are a passing fad so that you end up with details that are also soon out of date and annoying to have around.

However, staying current with trends means you get the latest in what’s going to be a classic and that makes good sense. Invest your money wisely by making smart decisions when it comes to job like bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

Ideas for Creative Inspiration

Don’t just renovate your bathroom. Remodel it completely and create a space that’s as beautiful and relaxing as it is functional.

Some ideas to help make that possible include:

  • The wall mounted toilet, also referred to as the floating toilet, is as popular as the floating vanity. Until recently, these were only found in the most modern of homes but have started become the new norm. Simply put, it provide a cleaner and sleeker design and look.
  • The floating vanity is seamless and airy and feels much less cumbersome. They attach directly to the wall and don’t have the bulky bottom required for traditional vanities. Not only do they look better, they’re easier to clean underneath so your bathroom space really does look and feel open and clean.
  • The point of the trendy side mounted faucet is mainly a great space saver. However, it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty cool too. It’s easier to use and breaks free from the old standard of a traditionally placed faucet. Once you opt for a side mounted faucet, you’ll never be able to go back to the old and seemingly outdated standard.
  • Who doesn’t love the look of the floor-to-ceiling shower glass enclosure? It’s dramatic but effortlessly so. A seamless look helps the space look and feel more open because there are no walls to break up the flow of the rest of the space.

Want to learn more? Or are you ready to get started with your project?

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