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5 Design Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling

5 design ideas for kitchen remodeling services

You probably have a lot of questions about designs for kitchen remodeling and how to create a great space that's enjoyable and beautiful. With the right design, your kitchen can become your favorite place to hang-out and unwind.

To make choosing options as painless as possible, our Pittsburgh area remodeling company has provided some design ideas for your kitchen remodeling project.

Remember, you can always get more professional help from a local design-build remodeling contractor like us!

1. The Kitchen Layout Design That Always Works

When remodeling your kitchen, the layout of the room can be changed. It could mean moving the sink, stove, and refrigerator to different areas of the room but it can be done.

The layout should allow you to move from the sink, stove, and refrigerator in a triangular pattern. This kitchen work triangle design works best for any kitchen, large or small. This design allows for adequate space within a work area and a smooth transition to the next.

2. Designs For Family Kitchens

An open concept kitchen is the best option for a family. This creates a family-friendly floor plan that allows everyone the space they need to do everyday activities in your home.

Custom cabinetry and shelving will help to create space for doing homework, eating breakfast, and entertaining friends. At a minimum, a family kitchen should have a kitchen island that is designed with plenty of storage for activities.

You can incorporate a sink or stove in the kitchen island to offer you even more workspace for serving drinks or grilling indoors for guests.

3. Designs For Small Kitchens

Every inch of a small kitchen needs to be wisely planned. You want to pack as much usefulness in every nook and cranny as possible. When creating a remodeling design for a small kitchen, consider these custom space-saving features:

  • Hanging pot racks
  • Wall-mount knife and cooking spoon racks
  • Built-in trash bin
  • Pull-out sliding shelves
  • Lazy Susan's for corner cabinets
  • Cabinet cookware organizers
  • Cabinets to the ceiling
  • Custom cabinetry above the refrigerator
  • Drop-down wall table
  • Shallow shelves under the vent hood behind stove
  • Built-in microwave and stove
  • Narrow pullout shelves to the side of the stove-between refrigerator

4. Designing A Zen Kitchen

A lot of activity goes on in a kitchen, so adding some calming touches to the room is important. Creating a zen feel is possible for any kitchen design style, not just for those with an Asian appearance.

A zen kitchen design can include aspects such as:

  • Simplistic designs – non-cluttered, minimalist living
  • Handcrafted wood – not-ornate, smooth cabinetry, shelving, trimwork
  • Space for flowers and plants
  • Water features
  • Soothing paint colors and finishes
  • Subtle color contrasts

5. Open Up The Kitchen With Natural Light

You need to see well in the kitchen to work safely, so why not take advantage of natural light? One hot design idea is to install more windows or a skylight to brighten and lighten your kitchen space. This will also help to give your kitchen a more open and enjoyable feeling.

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