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Mercer Lake House Remodel

mercer home remodel

As a builder, my end game on every project is that when we are done the client got exactly what they wanted. Besides getting what they want I strive to make the process easy for them throughout the project. I consistently meet with a client and through a series of questions and answers photos and designs we arrive at their vision. The Marion's did a full house renovation. We started with the heart of the home they kitchen Kimberley and I met several times pre project to review her specific day-to-day use of the kitchen. While she had a general vision of her kitchen with my help and the use of the CAD software on my computer, we designed and drafted her kitchen layout. She was then able to see from various angles and three dimensionally what the kitchen could become. We continued to meet throughout the project to revisit her visions for better functionality. I tweaked the interiors of the cabinets to get her the storage she needed. Kimberly entertains frequently and wanted a serving area where she could easily access her serving pieces. Kimberly credits me with the creative solutions to issues that often came up during the house renovation. When electric connections could not easily be moved, I designed decorative beams to house the kitchen pendant lighting and turned a negative into a positive. While the client initially wanted to leave existing beams in the kitchen ceiling I expressed to her that they distracted from the design and they could be removed. Kimberly is thrilled with the results.

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"Our full house renovation with Pat Sullivan exceeded our expectations. With 4,500 sq. ft. including kitchen, 3 1/2 baths, bar, etc. every craftsman was involved. Pat was at the job site daily. He’s a perfectionist who noticed every detail. His eye to design sets him apart."

| Rated: 5/5

Mercer, PA

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