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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Remodeling

Do you have questions about home remodeling? Planning a remodeling project can get confusing. You may wonder how to get started or need tips on what to ask your local remodeling contractor.

As a local Pittsburgh area remodeling company, we have answers to your questions. Please feel free to peruse the common questions we have compiled for you below. Give us a call if you are located in our service area and don't find the answer to your question.

What is the difference between custom remodeling and regular remodeling?

There are many differences. Custom remodeling involves creating a unique design that is developed by design professionals who work closely with the homeowner. Additionally, custom remodeling often involves crafting custom cabinets, custom shelving, pantries, closets, and trimwork to create unique designs.

I heard that wood floors aren't the best choice for kitchen remodeling, is that true?

Wood floors can get damaged by a leaking dishwasher, refrigerator, plumbing, or beverage spills, so most often we would not recommend them for the kitchen. However, some homeowners definitely want wood floors throughout the house, not just for kitchen remodeling. It will be up to you whether you can support the cost of possible repairs or a replacement if the floors get damaged later.

I need more electrical outlets, can you install them during remodeling?

Absolutely. All your electrical and plumbing work will be handled by licensed professionals who subcontract with our remodeling company. We are a general contractor who hires and manages all the professionals needed to fulfill your remodeling goals.

What types of jobs can P&T Design Drafting and Renovations do?

We have done a lot of home remodeling work in the Pittsburgh area. If you need something special, just call to give us the details. Most of our services are centered on home interior remodeling work, but we also handle some outdoor projects such as building decks.

What type of budget do I need for bathroom remodeling?

This depends on many factors including what type of materials and fixtures are added to the room. Bathroom remodeling can cost on average from $14,000 to $20,000 but again it depends. One thing we can tell you is that our remodeling specialists are very good at helping you get the most value possible with quality home improvement materials and products.

What should I ask when looking for a remodeling contractor?

One of the most important questions you can ask a remodeling contractor is whether or not they are a general contractor. While it may seem cheaper to hire someone just to paint when that's all you need, a general contractor will often give you the best price for small jobs too if they are willing to take them on.

This type of remodeling company will have the skilled craftsmen available for any project and they want to form a long-term relationship with clients. Their design staff will be able to help you find the best prices for home improvement products and will assist you in creating a custom design.

If you are looking for a custom design/build remodeling company, please call 724-854-1083 or complete our

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