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Kitchen Design Remodeling In Youngstown, Cranberry, Pittsburgh

Kitchen design & remodeling service experts

Do you have a home in the Youngstown or Pittsburgh area that needs a kitchen makeover? P&T Design Drafting and Renovations is a custom remodeling company who offers expert kitchen design and remodeling services.

Kitchen remodeling is a great place to start when you need to make changes to your older home or a kitchen that you just don't like. This space is such a crucial part of a home that it's not hard to see why kitchen remodeling one of the most popular services we provide.

As a full-service design and build remodeling contractor, we take care of everything involved in your kitchen remodeling project. This includes everything from helping you to create an amazing kitchen design to ensuring the project is completed to your satisfaction, as planned, and on-time.

Kitchen Design

While our professionals are experts at kitchen design, the only real expert is you. Without your creative thoughts, your needs, and your goals, no kitchen design will be able to satisfy. We will always work with you to create an amazing design that fully incorporates the most important aspect of your kitchen – you.

Our goal will be to create a kitchen design that brings you:

Function – How you need to use the space every day. Beauty – Luxury materials and designer style according to your tastes. Affordability – Personalize your kitchen with affordable but high-quality materials and products.

Kitchen Countertops

With so many options in kitchen countertops available, it's hard to make decisions. Your new kitchen countertops need to offer you a lot, so it's worth being choosy when it comes to making decisions for kitchen remodeling. Countertops need to be durable, beautiful, and functional. Plus, they need to tie the kitchen design together in terms of color, texture, and style.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors know about the new developments in countertops and other materials. We'll help you find the right material that meets all the design and functional needs of your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

The wood stain or painted finish of the cabinetry you choose is every bit as important as the style and the type of storage space they offer. Kitchen cabinets should showcase the style of your home while offering you complete functional control over organizing the space.

Whether you prefer standard kitchen cabinets or custom cabinetry, we offer options to fit your kitchen remodeling budget. So many, in fact, that it can be a tough decision to make. Our custom remodeling specialists are here to help you find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your Pittsburgh area home.

  • Quality – Cabinetry must be beautiful and be made of solid construction that lasts.
  • Cost – We help you to find cabinets that work for your budget.
  • Design – Your new cabinetry needs to set off the design of the room, beauty is a must.
  • Function – Storage space is important, we can find cabinetry that helps you to get organized.

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